Friday, August 6, 2010

Green Lantern 3 Movie

Green Lantern 3 MovieWe already knew that Warner Bros was considering a movie sequel to Green Lantern (even if the first film hasn't been released yet). Now it sound sliek they want more, according to the rumor they're actually eying a Green Lantern trilogy! So yep, we'd get to see not only Green Lantern 2 but also the movie Green Lantern 3.

According to Bleeding Cool, the two movie sequels to the Green Lantern would filmed back to back. And the Green Lantern 3 movie would be released in 2013. But does that plan integrate Ryan Reynolds' busy agenda? he's got so many project ahead of him, but I guess those could be postponed if Warner Bros and DC Comics are really serious about doing a Green Lantern trilogy.

What could be the plot of Green Lantern 3? Let's say that Hector Hammond is the main villain in the first film and that Sinestro shows his true colors in the Green Lantern 2, then who could possibly be the next villain? Who would be your pick among the main villains Hal Jordan had to face: Puppeteer, Weaponers of Qward, Sonar, Krona, Star Sapphire Doctor Poalris, Tattoed Man, The Shark, Myrwhydden, Black Hand, Evil Star, Goldface, the Controllers, Manhunters, Professor Ojo, Nekron, Crumbler or Replikon?